Measurement technology

What we deliver: We are specialists in pressure measurement technology for measuring the smallest pressure differences in non-aggressive gases.

We develop and supply pressure measurement technology for a wide range of applications. Our transmitters are used in all settings where it is vital to measure, maintain and control air pressure. We invest in the most accurate sensor technology and, depending on the application, supplement this with the appropriate housing and functionalities that you require. Flexibility is key, so we can make individual adjustments for customer-specific solutions or even develop new products if existing features are not sufficient for you needs. Use our product finder for measurement technology to search our range and find the optimum device for your application in just a few steps. If you can’t find a suitable product, please contact us to ask about custom-made solutions.

Pressure measurement in cleanrooms, air-conditioning and mini environments

You need to regulate pressure in cleanrooms to prevent contaminated air from entering. In the field of air-conditioning technology, an air filter or fan has to be monitored. You need to maintain an overpressure or underpressure in a machine, or you need to measure the volume flow of your air duct.

We offer standard devices as well as customised solutions and OEM products for specific pressure measurement tasks. 

Our product finder for measurement technology

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Measurement technology
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We perform in the following industries

Each customer has specific requirements to the industry in which they are active.  
Find out what is important in the different application examples of our reference customers:

Mini environ­ments

Measurement technology


Measurement technology

Filter moni­toring

Measurement technology

Blood pressure measuring

Measurement technology

Calibration service

To ensure the reliability of your pressure measurement devices, we offer an in-house calibration service and calibration certificates according to DAkkS or factory calibrations according to ISO standards.

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